Finals Week

Today is the last Friday of finals week. The few students still printing are doing so franticly, but overall things are winding down for the main achedemic year. Summer term starts in a week or two, but attendance there is typically much lower than during the rest of the year.

The internet bandwidth chart shows this quite well. The load today is down easily 30% from yesterday. There is some strange outbound peaks that have yet to be explained, but overall usage is very much down. Next week I should have my insanely fast download speeds again.

In other news, the test of Apache2 for the myweb service has gone well enough that I've deployed it in the cluster for the facstaff side. I'll do the student-side next week, once things have calmed down here. Over There is more of interest anyway, since the student side gets perhaps ten times the traffic facstaff does. We're still not talking huge traffic here, as the myweb stuff is still largely a word-of-mouth service. Sad, since it was ready in the early parts of Winter quarter.