Yesterday we had our internet bandwidth increased. Almost imediately, we breached the previous max. I'm not surprised by this. What I am surprised by is that we haven't bumped out head on the max yet! I had fully expected the powers that be to notice the faster response times and start taking advantage of it. If we had ResNet on our feed, we'd be maxed no problem. But they have a different feed.

Also, co-worker is suddenly out of the office due to family issues. This did not time well with the recent blackboard-test crash that seems to have happened. I've been having to deal with the retrieval requests from the application administratiors in his absence. It has been going well so far, thanks to his efforts of yesterday.

After a bit of trickery with scripting and an apache log, I was able to generate a hammerhead scenario set. The generated scenarios were based on real requests made to the server, so I could get a wide basis for generating scripts that would NOT return 404. Happy me. I managed to stress the server enough that the server itself was taking about a second to return requests, and probably couldn't cache it all. The server itself barely broke over 10% CPU during the test, so I consider it a valid verification.