We just had some fun deleting some restored-from-tape data. It seems a couple of power-point files didn't land correctly. ConsoleOne couldn't delete the files. The files in question didn't even show up either at command-line, or in explorer. They did show up in the Netware Portal, though, and you could delete the named files. Unfortunately, the portal showed a couple of unnamed files of 1.8mb in size in the directory that could not be deleted.

So along comes one of my favorite utilities, TOOLBOX.NLM. In normal mode it couldn't show the files. However, when loaded with the /NL flag (no login), it DID show something. The thing with the /NL flag is that it is forced to use the 8.3 namespace and can't use the longname namespace. With 8.3 it showed some screwy named files where there didn't used to be any. And since it could see the files, it could delete them! And so we did, and the directories went away as planned. I love toolbox.