Starting a local LOPSA chapter

One thing lead to another and I'm now helping to co-found a Washington DC LOPSA chapter with LOPSA board-member Evan Pettery. We've had a chapter in the area for some time, the Crabby Admins, but I've yet to make a meeting since getting from downtown DC to where those meetings are is quite a challenge. Of the "get home from work early then drive there through Rush Hour traffic to a spot equidistant between DC and Baltimore" kind of challenge. We expect this new chapter will draw from the central DC and Northern Virginia areas.

It also helps that our meeting site is on Metro, just off Franklin Square. In fact, it's the same spot as the DC RUG and some MongoDC meetings.

What we need right now are two big things:

  • People who want to attend
  • People who want to show off what they've been working on

Drop a note here, or on the website and we'll get in touch.