When there is no clean back-out

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Today I ended up banging my head on a particularly truculent wall. A certain clustering solution just wasn't doing the deed. No matter how I cut, sliced, sawed or hacked it wouldn't come to life. I wanted my two headed beast! Most vexing.

Then I hit that point where I said unto myself (I hope), "!#^#^ it, I'm reformatting these two and starting from scratch."

So I did.

It worked first time.


Ok, I'll take it.

Mind, all the cutting and slicing and sawing and hacking was with me knowing full well that iterative changes like that can stack unknowingly, and I was backing out the changes when I determined that they weren't working. Clearly, my back-out methods weren't clean enough. Okay, food for thought; dirty uninstallers are hardly an unusual thing.

Of course I kicked myself for not trying that earlier, but during the course of aforementioned reanimatory activity I did learn a fair amount about this particular clustering technology. Not a complete loss. I do wish I had those 4 hours back, since we're at a part of the product deployment schedule where hours count.

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What are these regexp simbols standing for? ;)