WWU NDS: 8/21/1996 - 7/15/2010

On a Wednesday in August in 1996, the WWU NDS tree was born. There were other trees, but this is the one that everyone else merged into. The one tree to rule them all. That was NetWare 4. It brought the directory, and it was glorious (when it worked right).

And now, most of 14 years later, it is done. The last replica servers were powered off today after a two year effort to disentangle WWU from NetWare.

I have some blog-header text to change.


It's just so... wrong...

Leave the header. P2V that replica box and keep it running for eternity!

a sad day, but then all good things must end.

I like the p2v idea, have a few eDir trees around at clients that have an old NetWare box in that exact state while the heavy lifting is now on to OES2/SuSE