2010-11 budget

The WA legislature finally, finally, got around to passing an amended budget for the second half of the biennium. They had to fill budget holes, and have spent the last three and a half weeks in Special Session arm-wrestling between the House and Senate versions. The main sticking point was over revenue-enhancers (sometimes referred to as 'new taxes'). Anyway, they reached an agreement, and the Governor should sign it real soon now. This means that we (WWU) now know what our budget cut is going to be (5.2%).

WWU's Budget Planning office has a nice chart up describing how our cut has evolved as the legislative session progressed: link.

In a letter to all staff this morning, the President said:

What remain possibilities at this point could affect 39 positions.  Of these, 10 that are currently occupied would either be eliminated or have the FTE reduced.  An additional 7 would be continued but funding sources would be changed.  The remainder, 22, are currently vacant or will become so through retirement. 
I'm safe. Technical Services staff has been told that any one of us will cause grievous pain in the event of a departure, so the cuts would have to be very bad for us to get passed an ax.

On the down side, this does mean that normal expansion-of-business upgrades will be much harder to fund. Exciting times.