NetStorage and IE7

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Looks like there is a bug in NetStorage (NW65SP7, not sure if SP8 fixes it or not) and IE7. When you're browsing along, select a file for download, then go to File -> Download, you get a login screen. No matter what you enter, it won't let you download the file. Access forbidden!

You can get around it by double-clicking on the file you want to download.

However, this also breaks upload and there is no workaround for that.

Works just fine in non IE7 browsers. I understand this issue is known by Novell.

On the server side, I can see a few signs of this in the log-files. There is a line like this for a failed download attempt: - - [22/Jan/2009:11:15:40 -0800] "GET /oneNet/netstorage/Home@WWU/ac228.tgz HTTP/1.1" 401 1370 "-" "Java/1.4.2_13"

That IP is the server's IP address, not the clients. The user agent is Java. Clearly (to me anyway) Tomcat is proxying the download request and thus creating the new user-agent string. The rest of this session is with a normal IE7/WinXP user-agent.

Now a successful download (firefox): - username [22/Jan/2009:11:16:39 -0800] "GET /oneNet/NetStorage/Home@WWU/cert.txt HTTP/1.1" 200 3329 "-" "Java/1.4.2_13"

The observant may notice some case differences there. I thought of the same thing, and did some poking around in IE to get this: - - [22/Jan/2009:11:18:14 -0800] "GET /oneNet/NetStorage/Home@WWU/cert.txt HTTP/1.1" 401 3329 "-" "Java/1.4.2_13"

Same case as the Firefox access, but still failed. I don't know why this is doing this, but clearly something inside Tomcat isn't happy with how IE7 is handling the POST request that requests the download.

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