Infiltrating the market

Over on The Open Road there is a very interesting blog post. It talks about how Microsoft and Red Hat approach the market, and touches on Novell.
Microsoft offers a full ecosystem of software to would-be buyers, but its greatest success may actually result from its strategy to present customers with an "and" decision when initially purchasing Microsoft technology, rather than a difficult "or" decision.
And I really see this. The argument has been made internally that what you get from a Microsoft Enterprise CAL is worlds above what we can get from a Novell academic seat license, which follows into cost-effective discussions (and not good ones). It is soooooo easy to go all Microsoft, whereas a pure Linux solution requires a lot of stitching, and translation-glue.

The article goes on to point out that Red Hat's targeting people looking to do forklift upgrades from Unix to Linux. And then points out that Microsoft wins more of that traffic than Red Hat does, by a good margin. Largely because the Microsoft family of products is very complete.

As it points out, Novell figured this out a few years ago when they launched their collaboration with Microsoft. The fruits of which arrived today with OES2 SP1, and the Novell CIFS stack and Domain Services for Windows. This allows OES2 to do something you can't do with Samba (yet), pretend to be a full up AD Domain Controller.

And yeah, Novell's current marketing slogan is, "Making IT work as One," which is a clear embracing of the "and" concept described. If they could make DSfW work on plain SLES, it may make it an even more attractive product for people.


Yes, I caught this earlier and meant to circle back this evening and reply to your earlier post... looks like fun... Have you tried DSfW yet?

Not likely. We have a full AD environment thanks to Exchange, and have had for many years. I can't find a use-case for DSfW other than to see if it works as advertised ;).