Storage update

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Both the EVA4400 and the EVA6100 parts arrived late Wednesday. Wednesday I got the EVA4400 partially unboxed, and finished it up Thursday. Got CommandView upgraded so we could manage the EVA4400, and thus lost licensing for the EVA3000. The 10/26 expiry date for that license is no problem, as the EVA3000 will become an EVA6100 well before then. Next weekend if the stars align right.

And today we schlepped the whole EVA4400 to the Bond Hall datacenter.

And now I'm pounding the crap out of it to make sure it won't melt under the load we intend to put on it. These are FATA disks, which we've never used so we need to figure it out. We're not as concerned with the 6100 since that's FC disks, and they've been serving us just fine for years.

Also on the testing list, making sure MPIO works the way we expect it to.

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Our EVA8100 should be coming with the FATA disks... I'm curious to see what kind of performance differences there are between those and the FC.