My favorite compiz plugin


I love that plugin. Ad-hoc screen captures. I use it all the freaking time. It has managed to engrain itself into my expectations about how computers should work to the extent that I started swearing at XP the other day since I couldn't do that. Such a simple thing, but my how effective it is at capturing a quick snippet of what I want. No more do I have to...
  1. PrtScrn the application I want
  2. Open Paint
  3. Paste the screencap
  4. Copy the section I need
  5. Create new canvas
  6. Paste the copied section
  7. Save to file
That's a lot of work. This widget? Much faster and easier.


To ease your pain, a slight tip.If you do Alt+PrtScrn, it only copies the active Window.

I use Snag-It