Dynamic Storage Technology, more data

Two days ago Novell posted an AppNote on Dynamic Storage Technology, formerly known as 'shadow volumes'.

Setting up Dynamic Storage Technology with Open Enterprise Server 2

One thing I noticed right at the top of the article is a little blurb that reads:
This article was written for Novell Open Enterprise Server 2. Sign up here to be notified when the Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 open beta becomes available.
Which tells me that the public beta is probably pretty near, and that OES2 release will probably not be "end of Q3" like Jason Williams indicated a while back. I could be wrong, of course. As soon as I get the public beta code there is some serious testing I need to do.

Anyway, back to the article. This is a click-by-click guide for setting up DST. This includes screenshots, which are of the new iManager 2.7. Unsurprisingly, Novell re-themed the iManager interface. There is a gotcha on step 17, where you have to edit a local config file on the OES server to get it going, that would probably trip up most people trying to set up DST by going solely on looking at the UI.

This is a very good article describing it all. I recommend it!