OES2 and AFP

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If you're an instituion of education like us, chances are real good you have PowerBooks and other Mac hardware desiring access to your NetWare/OES servers. It turns out I missed something while at BrainShare. OES2-Linux does NOT have an eDir integrated AFP stack like NetWare does. Whoa.

Details here: http://www.novell.com/coolblogs/?p=836

That's Jason Williams posting, and he is the Project Manager to OES. I spoke with him for a while during Meet the Experts regarding the concurrency concerns we have with OES in general. He has been on Novell Open Audio several times, so I know his voice. He was run downright ragged during BrainShare, which is very not surprising due to his level of oversight of a major product.

He's asking for people who need AFP to talk to them about it. The details of what he's looking for is in the posting I linked above. I've sent in my own impressions, and I've forwareded it to internal people who are Very Concerned about how Mac interacts with our NetWare servers.

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This actually was one of the things that kept me from being able to use OES at my current job. I had several critical Mac clients and could never get them connected well enough within my eval time so had to go with ((shudder)) Windows 2003 Server. It was a huge embarassment to a Novel zealot like me to admit defeat.