Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pushing a feature

One of the things I have missed when Novell went from SLE9 to SLE10 was the lack of a machine name in the title-bar for YaST. It used to look like this:

The old YaST titlebar

With that handy "@[machinename]" in it. These days it is much less informative.

The new YaST titlebar

If you're using SSH X-forwarding to manage remote servers, it is entirely possible you'll have multiple YaST windows open. How can you tell them apart? Back in the 9 days it was simple, the window told you. Since 10, the marker has gone away. This hasn't changed in 11.2 either. I would like this changed so I put in a FATE request!

If you'd also like this changed, feel free to vote up feature 306852! You'll need a novell.com login to vote (the opensuse.org site uses the same auth back end so if you have one there you have one on OpenFATE).

Thank you!

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