Monday, August 24, 2009

Trying KDE

In light of the announcement that openSUSE 11.2 and later will have KDE as the default desktop, I installed milestone 6 of 11.2 (barely beta quality, but much improved from earlier Milestones) and had a look at KDE for the first time since, oh, SLE9. I should further note that the Slackware servers I've run at home since college have had GNOME by preference pretty much since Gnome came available.

My first reaction? It probably matched what a lot of long-time Windows users had when they saw Vista for the first time and wanted to do something that wasn't run a web browser:
Dear God, I can't find anything, and none of my hotkeys work. THIS SUCKS!
In time I calmed down. I installed gnome, and lo it was good. I also noted certain settings that I needed on the KDE side. I switched back and explored some more. Found out where they kept the hotkeys. Found out where the sub-pixel hinting settings were hiding. This made my fingers and eyeballs happier.

Now that I've tried it for a while, in fact I'm posting from it right now, it's not that bad. Another desktop-dialect I can learn. I've gotten over that initial clueless flailing and have grasped the beginnings of the basic metaphor of KDE. I still prefer the Gnome side, but we'll see where I go in the future.

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