Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Didn't know that

The integrated network card in the HP DL380-G2 doesn't have a Windows Server 2008 driver. Anywhere. And the forum post that says you can use the 2003 driver on it lies, unless there is some even sneakier way of getting a driver in than I know of.

This is a problem, as that's one of our Domain Controllers. But not much of one, since it's one of the three DC's in the empty root (our forest is old enough for that particular bit of discredited advice) and all it does is global-catalog work. And act as our ONLY DOMAIN CONTROLLER on campus. In the off chance that a back-hoe manages to cut BOTH fiber routes to campus, it's the only GC up there.

Also, since it couldn't boot from a USB-DVD drive I had to do a parallel install of 2008 on it. So I still had my perfectly working 2003 install available. So I just dcpromoed the 2003 install and there we are!

Once we get a PCI GigE card for that server I can try getting 2008 working again.

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