Thursday, July 30, 2009

Datacenter environment

We're having a major heat-wave. The Sea-Tac airport set a record yesterday for hottest temperature on record at 103 degrees. Bellingham too, the old record of 94 set in 2007 was surpassed by the 96 reading of yesterday. Today is cooler, but still well above average for out here.

Much as I was tempted to show up for work today in a tank top, shorts, and flip-flops, I resisted. First of all, I did have a meeting up on campus with some executive-types higher than me so I had to keep up appearances. Also, flip-flops aren't that good for hiking the mile plus to campus.

Of course, today is a day when I get to do a surprise server rebuild in the datacenter! I just spent the last hour standing on a vent tile setting up a server reformat. While I'm not wearing flip-flops, I am wearing shorts. I was cold, so I went for a walk around the building to warm up, and it performed admirably.

Happily, since we have a data-center in the building, the building itself has AC. Not all buildings here do. In fact, the building I had that meeting in did not have any AC, just some moving air.

We have enough AC in the datacenter that the room isn't any hotter today than it gets in mid January. That's nice to have.


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