Monday, March 23, 2009

Paper paper paper

It is spring break, so I can now run nice statistics on our pcounter printers! Not all of our labs are on pcounter, so these numbers are not the total printing at WWU. However, if plans to recover printing costs by charging for quota increases go through, I expect I should have the entire campus on pcounter within 3 quarters of go-live. Students WILL find the 'free' labs. And the lab admins will notice that their printing costs go way up. And then they'll call me.

Winter quarter
Pages printed: 1,781,272
Total number of students who printed at least one page: 12,482
Average pages printed by a student: 142.6
Median pages printed: 106
The busiest printer printed 133,791 pages
Res-halls printed 255,344 pages

That's a lot of paper.

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