Monday, June 30, 2008

Novell Client for Linux, packaged for OpenSUSE

It has been mentioned many places, and I've done some of the mentioning, that since openSUSE is the foundation for SLED, it makes sense for Novell to distribute an NCL for openSUSE. It turns out they're working on just that. And here is the Novell beta page. I'm soooo going to try this out, since I'm running openSUSE 10.3 on my work desktop and won't be moving to openSUSE 11 until I can run the client on it (oh, wait, I can).

It should also be mentioned that Ubuntu is a very frequently requested target for another NCL, but I have reason to believe that'll never happen. First of all, any Novell Client involves closed source 3rd party licensed code, which makes it hard to port to Linux in the first place (a relic of being based on code from the days when open-source was just an ethical standpoint rather than a tangible market force). Second, Novell has proven to be rather light in developer resources in certain areas, and linux integration with non-SUSE linux distros is very minimal.

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