Friday, August 24, 2007

openSUSE news

They have a new news-portal site, which is nifty:

They had a nice article today about the results of a recent desktop linux survey. Bucky had a nice bit of analysis about it too.

This is nice to see. As I've mentioned before, I'm using openSUSE 10.2 at work (and right now). I can't use SLED because we're not entitled to it, nor will my boss pay for it. That said, I probably could do what a co-worker is doing and run SLES10sp1 instead ;). OpenSUSE now has 10.3 beta 2 out, which I'm not going to test quite yet as I don't have a test system for it; I wish I did have one.

One of the nice things that'll be in 10.3 (or rather, not in) is they're doing away with zmd for updates, and using a libzypp based process instead. This cheers me, as I've had a lot of trouble with the zmd one. It's better than it was in 10.0/1, but still not good.

Also, of course, openSUSE code forms the basis for what'll eventually become SLED.

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