Thursday, May 17, 2007

A peeve

I've ranted previously about why I don't like Firefox. I use Seamonkey.

I'm also using openSUSE 10.2 for my work desktop.

OpenSUSE has compiled Seamonkey as a 64-bit package, rather than 32-bit. This made flash a rather dodgy thing until Adobe released v9 for Linux. Unfortunately, Adobe has yet to release a 64-bit version of flash so I'm stuck using NSPluginwrapper to get flash. And since flash is on about, oh, 80% of commercial web pages it gets loaded a lot.

Something, somewhere causes nspluginwrapper to hang in such a way as to consume 100% CPU. I have a dual core, so this is livable. It also happens often enough that I've modified my seamonkey launcher to "nice" the seamonkey process to as low priority as I can get it. I don't know what causes it to spike like that, but seems to trigger it, and YouTube vids are very likely to trigger it too. I've taken to using Firefox, 32-bit on 10.2, to view that sort of thing if I have to.

Once adobe gets off their butts and released a 64-bit flash plugin for Linux I'll be a very happy camper.

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