Friday, May 18, 2007

Acessing NetWare from openSUSE

I've been asked how I've been managing a NetWare network if my primary workstation is OpenSUSE. That's a good question. Right now I'm doing it through two methods:
  1. I have WinXP running in a Xen VM that I use for 90% of it. Network throughput blows chunks, though.
  2. NetStorage (MyFiles for you WWU people) supports WebDav, and so does Nautilus.
Screen-cap of nautilus using webdav on netstorage
As you can see. In fact, I used the above screen to drop the screen-cap I made into my myweb folder for publication.

That said, there IS a way to get the Novell Client for Linux 1.2 installed to openSUSE, I just haven't done it yet. You can find instructions in the Novell newsgroups, which google handilly archives. I must mention that NCL1.2 will be getting service-packed when SLES10 SP1 comes up within the next month. These instructions may not be valid once SP1 is being published from

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