Friday, February 02, 2007

Depressing stock spams

In the course of dealing with the new antispam appliances, I've had to look at a lot of spam. Wowzers, a lot of spam. Most of them are stock scams, which jives with the industry conventional wisdom about spam these day. On a lark, I dropped some of the symbols into CNN Money to see what suckers had fallen for the scams. Too many.

Drop 'PSUD' into your favorite stock tracker, and look at the 10 day report. I saw the mails arrive mid Monday, which is after the buy-up. Two days ago, trading volume was about 4x what it normally got. As of today, the price is still above what it was two weeks ago.

'AFML' had activity two days ago. Their chart shows a clear bump a few weeks ago where the stock was abused. The volume average is well above yesterday's volume, so this is another victim of pump-n-dump.

'QCPC' in a message from yesterday, has today's volume about 2.5x their volume average, another clear sign of pumping. They have been a victim of this scan several times over the last two months. Perhaps the scammers are trying to make back money lost?

Depressing statistics, none the less. Unlike other scams, this is something you can actually see happen from your desk. You only hear about victims of the Nigerian scams in the news, or if you're unlucky through the grapevine. Stocks are tracked WIDELY, so you can see them rise and fall.


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