Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Firing firefox

Today Firefox has pissed me off one too many times. I'm switching to SeaMonkey here at work. Why the switch?
  • Cookie handling in Firefox broke some sites I use regularly. None of them work-related, but prviate browsing happened often enough it just drove the aggravation level up too high.
  • The URL-bar drop-down sort in Firefox was unusable. I've blogged about this before. Firefox sorts it by added-date, where all other browsers I've used sorts it by most-recently-accessed. This had the side effect of making the semi-permanent entries on that list appear at the bottom. And the most frequent things I hit in the drop-down list are at the bottom, entailing long scrolling. Bad design.
  • Cookie exception-handling in SeaMoneky is superior. Firefox's exception handling was clunky. You had to be in 'alert' mode for each cookie to do it on the fly, or pry into the Settings to set your exception. In SeaMoneky (and Mozilla before it) Tools -> Cookie Manager -> selection to set your exception. Much nicer.
Things are a little different, such as no "open in tabs" function for bookmark folders, but still workable. And I'm not as peeved! Always a bonus.

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