Friday, March 03, 2006

Searching for an extension

One of the things that I consistantly hate about Firefox is the sort it uses for the URL drop-down bar. Mozilla, IE, and Opera all use a most-recently-used sort. Firefox sorts it by age. Newest addition at the top, longest used at the bottom. So for me things like end up at the bottom and stay there for months, and between it and the top are a couple of weeks worth of random typed-in URLs. If I bookmark a most-recently-visited URL in that particular drop-down list, it'll stay in the drop-down list until I manage to not visit it for the requisite expire time.

I had a list reset when I was away from my work computer for the week for training, so it has been nice. I'll get another one with Brainshare.

But I want the sort Mozilla (now Sea-Monkey) used. That method makes the most sense for me, and the stuff I use the most stays at the top and not drifts to the bottom of a potentially long scroll. If'n you've heard of a way to change the sort method through about:config trickery or an extension, let me know!

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