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On reflection "tech company" here is really, "tech company big enough to have a large corporate head-quarters". The startup I just left had:

  • No cafeteria, but we did have a kitchen that we shared our meals at when we went out to get stuff and the once a week company paid lunch. No stove, though.
  • No gym, but the building we rented our space from had a gym floor we could use.
  • No game room, more of a game-nook.
  • No wet bar, but beer did get put into the grocery order once in a while. No hard stuff or wine though.

However, that startup was in year-3 of a significant baby-boom. In my time there we'd had people do work-from-home days, late-start days and early-departure days due to daycare problems. If you're the primary care provider for someone under 4 years old you will only be able to answer the odd email while you're at it and will live for kid-naps.

A corporate daycare perk seems like a win: what parent wouldn't want to check in with their kid over lunch, and companies would get more out of their employees.

On-site day-care has some strict labor requirements though, so it's only for companies big enough to support full time dedicated support people. If they can afford personal trainers or professional chefs five days a week, they're probably big enough to afford day-care professionals.

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